About Us

 Othniel management, Inc. Was established on the premises that individuals and businesses needed to be educated and equipped for building better financial decisions for the empowerment of the community. Othniel Management specializes in three areas of expertise. Our first tier of expertise is Business Consulting, where we write articles of Incorporation, business plans, 501(c)(3), grant proposals, government contracts, trust, logistics analysis, trade marking, implementing operation and protection strategies. Othniel management, Inc. second tier of expertise is Full Finanical Services, here we began our client(s) Financial planning, financial plans, retirement planning, education planning, investment planning, asset and account management, life insurance, health insurance, disability and long- term insurance. Last but not least Othniel management, Inc. third tier of expertise offered is Real Estate Investing, where we provide virtual assistants and property management services, rehabbing, prehabbing, whole selling, and buying and selling commercial and residential property. At Othniel Management, Inc. We have 60+ Years of experience in Business Consulting, Financial Advisory, and Real estate Investing fields